I am SUCH a lover of life and ALL that living entails!  I love nature, I love to find beauty in everything I can, and I love to capture that beauty on camera as much as possible.

I have 'dabbled' in arts of all forms for most of my life, also being surrounded by it on many fronts. My father and sister are musicians, my sister also quite a skilled poet and artist, and my mother and her family are AMAZING in a kitchen! I love it all and do it all, but rediscovered my affinity and love for photography just after my fist granddaughter was born. That poor girl hasn't had the camera out of her face since the day I saw her! 

I have 5 children, 3 grand children, and a wonderful husband who is hands down the BEST photography assistant any gal could ask for! All of them make for great practice whenever I feel the need to hone a few skills, or try some new techniques. Thank you all for your patience!

Please feel free to spend a little time cruising around my galleries and see if you like my style. If you do, give me a shout and we will decide the best place to do your photo shoot, then you will be looking forward to a fun filled adventure capturing YOUR moments.